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How long does the vehicle graphics process take?

The most important stage of the Vehicle Graphics, is the Design or Branding of your Van. With inhouse designers on hand to help bring your vehicle to life. This is also the longest process.

Once Artwork is Signed off we book your van in, and with an indoor facility it is not weather permitting. So you would have your car or van back within 2 working days.

Can the vehicle graphics be removed later?

Yes vehicle graphics can be removed at a later stage, however we would recommend that you would get a professional sign writting company to remove the graphics, as attempts to do so yourself could damage paintwork.

How much do vehicle graphics cost?

The cost is worked out by the amount of vinyl used on the vehicle and the detail of the design.

Every vehicle whether a car van, SWB van, LWB van, Jeep, Rigid truck box body, tractor units can have varying degrees of graphics and two similar vehicles with different signage could have different pricing.

How should I prepare my vehicle before the graphics go on?

To give the Cast vinyl material that we use in our sign writting the best chance of adhesion all we ask is that you simply wash the vehicle well beforehand. 

Can I still wash my vehicle as normal once the vehicle graphics are put on?

You can wash your vehicle afterwards, however we recommend you do this yourself with a power hose and soft sponge, as service station washes can be too harsh. 

We highly recommend for adhesion that you do not wash your vehicle with the first 96 hours of the graphics been applied.

Will the vehicle graphics damage the original paintwork on my vehicle?

No the only incidence where damage would occur is if your vehicle has already been damaged and repainted poorly eg. the panel hasn't been sanded and undercoated.

You should note that over time the elements effect the normal wear and tear on vehicle paint work but when graphics are removed the panel you may see shadowing of the graphics where the paintwork was protected from the elements.

How long will the vehicle graphics stay on my vehicle?

The cast vinyl material that we use has an expected lifetime of 7 years. However, this depends on weather elements and how the vehicle is washed and maintained.

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