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Mail Marketing


Whether its Weekly, Monthly, Quaterly or Anually we can print and mail your offers or publictions to your clients using your database which we certify destroyed under data protection. Working in conjunction with An Post to ensure delivery on time.





Mail Marketing at Mochua Print and Design

At Mochua Print and Design we have the capacity to fulfill all your marketing requirements.

We provide solutions that will free up your staff and allow us take the pain so you can gain when it comes to your mail marketing.

We can offer tailor made solutions to suit your business that could save you money over a more costly and time consuming in house method.

We can post either under Ceadunas Licence for two thousand plus items or we can post through our in house franking system.

Items less than two thousand in quanitity can have your own personalized logo if you are doing monthly mail runs.

Whether it is with a postage stamp or a generic mail drop we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

For your information from the Consumar Data Protection Act.


Why Postal Mail Marketing is preferred over Electronic Mail Marketing

Where you have obtained contact details in the context of the sale of a product or service, you may only use these details for direct marketing by electronic mail if the following conditions are met:

1. The product or service you are marketing is of a kind similar to that which you
    sold to the customer at the time you obtained their contact details.
2. At the time you collected the details, you gave the customer the opportunity
    to object, in an easy manner and without charge, to their use for marketing
3. Each time you send an electronic marketing message, you give the customer
    the right to object to receipt of further messages.
4. The sale of the product or service occurred not more than twelve months prior
    to the sending of the electronic marketing communication or, where
    applicable, the contact details were used for the sending of an electronic
    marketing communication in that twelve month period.

NOTE: In relation to 4 above, if the subscriber fails to unsubscribe using the cost free means provided to them by the direct marketer, they will be deemed to have remained opted-in to the receipt of such electronic mail for a twelve
month period from the date of issue to them of the most recent marketing electronic mail.

These are some of the benefits and at Mochua we are well equipped to cater for you from design to print to posting so you have more time for your business. If you aren’t sure how mail marketing could benefit your business or wish to discuss pricing please contact us to arrange a free consultation and we will help you find a cost effective plan that is most appropriate to your business.



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