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Procurement Pick & Pack



Printing in larger runs is most cost effective. The cost of printing one large run and

holding in storage far outweighs the cost of many multiple small orders.


Warehousing costs are often not examined by print buyers. However, the cost of

warehousing can easily outweigh the savings on a long print run.

Buyers should also be aware of pick and pack requirements. Do these need to be

on a daily basis? It may well be cheaper to pick and pack once or twice a week.

That’s where using a printing company such as ourselves, can allow you the

flexibility of storage and delivery, thus saving costs on handling within your own

organisation as well.


We offer an overnight service using ISO approved Couriers or our own vehicles.

Orders placed before 12 noon on stock items will ship that day for next day


Establish alliances with us as a Key supplier

Best-in-class companies work closely with suppliers long after a deal has been

signed. In most circles today, this is called “supplier relationship management.”

But that implies one-way communication (telling the supplier how to do it). Twoway

communication, which requires both buyer and seller to jointly manage the

relationship, is more effective. A more appropriate term for this best practice

might be “alliance management,” with representatives from both parties working

together to enhance the buyer/supplier relationship.

The four primary objectives of an effective alliance management program with

key suppliers include:

1. Provide a mechanism to ensure that the relationship stays healthy and vibrant

2. Create a platform for problem resolution

3. Develop continuous improvement goals with the objective of achieving value

for both parties

4. Ensure that performance measurement objectives are achieved

With a sound alliance management program in place, you will be equipped to

use the talents of your supply base to create sustained value while constantly

seeking improvement.

How can you save money on your printing costs?

The answer is really quite simple. Organise a meeting with one of our consultants

to review your total printing requirements over the next twelve months and we

can guarantee that you will make a saving on the printed material, the handling

and operational hours and delivery, whether it be direct to your own premises or

part of our Mail Marketing Service.

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